Monday, May 10, 2010

Brief Hiatus for A Related Project

Sorry for the extended absence. I'm currently writing my unit of this summer's Intro Bio for Non-Majors, which poses many interesting problems. Moreso given that I drew the "Cell and Genetics" unit, which is the driest by far of the lot. My task is thus: condense and sugar-coat a colossal and diverse set of fields into eight lectures for people who really, really don't want to be there.

So far, my syllabus includes includes beer, Ridley Scott's Alien, Maury, Jurassic Park, and mass extinction among others. I think I'm going to focus on three things: the molecular nature of life (and the nebulous definition of the latter), diseases/disorders, and how to recognize bad biology in movies, tv and other pop culture.

I suspect that I may adapt one or two of those topics for this blog.

Back soon.

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  1. Sweet! I wanna take that class! Your Biology class sounds a lot more interesting than sitting there in mortal fear that Mr. Phillips is gonna punch me in the face.